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affordable seo services
Keyword research
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We collect all possible keywords for your business, clean them up and split into clusters. Solid keywords research is essential before you start any SEO activity
local seo services
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Whatever language your customers speak, our team is there for your to create a high quality SEO optimized content. We work only with copywriters that are native speakers with the excellent writing skills
affordable seo services for small business
On-site optimization
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Our team delivers optimization of the website according to the requirements of search engines to increase the website's relevancy to the targeted keywords
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Link building
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Despite the rumors over the past years that backlinks don't work anymore, our experience doesn't let us agree with that statement. Organic backlinks do work! Backlinks are still the fundamental signal for the search engines
small business seo services
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The most efficient link building method - networking, arrangements with bloggers, journalists, site admins, key online opinion leaders (KOOL, influencers) to get people talking about your business
website seo services
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The customized reports by the end of each month with a list of completed tasks, rankings improvements and checklist for your team for the next month/quarter
seo optimization services
Penalty recovery
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Our SEO experts have many successful recovery cases after algorithmic penalties such as Panda & Penguin or manual actions caused by mistakes of a client or a third party "professional" SEO services
ecommerce seo services
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Consulting or SEO with a transparent budget - the most transparent and common way for the last 2 years of interaction between a client and SEO company
How do we achieve goals for our clients?
Before you start SEO activity or even start a project in a niche, you need to understand the whole market and what is happening there.

Starting from the TOP-3 competitors' SEO strategies to the fact that how much do they spend and how exactly they execute the strategy.

Based on this research we can deliver the most efficient SEO strategy for our client to achieve the goals.
Often you can see the offers of a free website audit, 95% of SEO companies offer it. Well... Have you ever seen a car service with free car maintenance for any car brand? That's right. SEO audit is not just passing some online tests, our team checks website for more than 100 SEO parameters that can have an influence on website ranking (the full list is available here). We will give your money back and will give you 3 months of SEO consulting for free if you show us a free SEO audit that checks more factors than our team does.
Semantic core - a complete list of keywords, their forms, and phrases that describe the activity, products, services, and fully cover the niche of the website. Simply put, the keywords related to your business.

The semantic core takes into account the desires, interests of users and corresponds to the business goals of the project.
Professional on-site SEO optimization - fixing the technical errors, increasing website's speed for desktop and mobile, and meta tags & content optimization - your site becomes the most relevant to all targeted keywords for the search engines (and useful/attractive for your visitors).
Web analytics services are an effective tool for assessing the quality of traffic, content, site usability, analyzing your audience and evaluating ROI from various sources of traffic.

In order to get started on setting up web analytics, you need to define the goals.
Content optimization is the very first stage in SEO. It can be made together with the writing of the article, or after. We recommend that you use the first option, and even better - optimize SEO content before writing it.

This strategy will allow you to avoid illiterately used keywords and protect from losing a logic in the article.
A systematic posting of backlinks to the website from other websites (referring domains) to raise credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Our continuously updating experience says that backlinks are still a key factor in ranking. Therefore, we never stop testing new hypotheses, developing processes and departments in order to deliver high-quality backlinks.

That is why even 3rd-party SEO agencies and specialists order backlinks from us.
SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that requires continuous implementation of updates to take into account all the innovations of search algorithms.

Every month/quarter we create a checklist of the website's improvements that will help strengthen its position and achieve goals faster and more efficiently.
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11 years of experience in SEO services
1200+ successful cases
73 professionals in our team
27 countries with TOP-3 results
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