Case Study
Japan, 2018

From 0 to 3000 unique visitors in 1 month
Starting date: May 18, 2018

Client goals: maximize organic traffic in 1 month, PBN development, consulting

What we did:
  • SEO audit (the project was initially well optimized)
  • The project team promptly implemented all necessary changes: increasing the speed of the mobile version of the site to 90+ (when checking through PageSpeedInsight), created unique content, optimized internal links
  • Adjusted title generation formula
  • Implemented markup
  • Analyzed the top 3 competitors and their backlinks profile
  • Repeated a part of competitors backlinks (with the highest trust)
  • Found 100+ high trust niche sites in Japan and posted backlinks without an anchor or anchor was the brand
  • Developed a PBN (private blog network) of 80 websites on local .jp domains - a network of supporting thematic satellite sites with backlinks to the original website
Current status: SEO is completed on 18th of June 2018, but we still provide a client with a consulting services

Results: +3000 users in essence from the search for 1 month
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