Search Engine Reputation Management
The case how we deleted negative tonality website from TOP-100
In the beginning it was...
an issue in search results. When users typed the brand related keywords (e.g. X reviews, X rating, about X and so on) they could see a website ranking TOP-1 with a very negative tonality.

The goal was: move negative website out of top10.

About the target: Local news website that is used to harm brands with negative reviews. They post articles, and then ask for a reward to delete them. Domain age 10+ years. Domain Rating 48. Ahrefs rank 753'000. The targeted page was published 3 years ago, article with 250 words. 15 backlinks from 12 domains was referring to this page.
Milestone 1 - create content, publish it and get into top10
We've sorted all keywords by clusters and created an article for each. Every article was approximately the same:
  • 200 words
  • Title had 1 or 2 keywords we target (if 2 separated by character "|" - means equal for Google)
  • H1 with keyword, few H2 had all of the keywords we target with exact article;
  • Numbered list
  • 3 images with alts made of keywords we target

We used multiple available publishing platforms:
  • Habr
  • Medium
  • Telegraph
  • Hubpages and dozens of other
  • We've also used a few dropped domains that were relevant to the niche

Link building strategy

There's no reason to reinvent the wheel and no reason to buy any links for the goal we had: we've used well-known lists of web2.0 websites.
Milestone 2: Start tracking the keywords
We use SpySERP's rank tracker for this part:
  • created a project
  • set the search engines and keywords to track
  • set the countries we want track
Most of the articles with positive or neutral tonality got to TOP-10, but still none of them couldn't reach TOP-1 since our "competitor" was a trustworthy website with cool engagement metrics.
... a KEY to success
After in-depth research (always do your homework!) we've found an opportunity to delete this page with negative tonality from Google index, completely.
Knockout :)