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Digital marketing agency - brand strategy
We will help to develop product identity and increase its assets. Brand strategy defines the key target audience of the product, setting the main idea of the brand, the attributes of its presentation, its emotional as well as physical characteristics, its visual image, the pricing strategy, the distribution channels and the communications for product promotion.
Digital marketing agency - web development
We create applications that are technically sophisticated as well as ergonomic and user-friendly. We offer full-service web application development: business analysis, design, implementation, quality testing, maintenance and support.
Digital marketing agency - CRO
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a set of actions aimed at increasing the conversion of a website — sales, leads, orders, etc. Our specialists analyze USPs, sales funnels, offers, customer feedback from surveys and reviews, traffic, and post-conversion actions; track LTV, NPS, ROI, and other metrics; improve user experience on the landing page through design and content; work on CX and UX; and more.
Digital marketing agency - SMM
Grow your brand awareness. Create the desired image and increase sales. All this is possible thanks to competent work with social networks. Social Media Marketing (SMM) includes the development of a strategy, the creation of a unique design and the introduction of a mechanic for community management, which is controlled by SMM specialists.
Digital marketing agency - consulting
The digital environment is currently the most effective and innovative, both in terms of communication with a business audience and analytics and rendering capabilities. Our digital marketing agency acts as a partner, designed to monitor the most important trends in this area and propose customized, effective solutions.
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Digital marketing agency TRUSTCORP is an international agency and was founded by merging the well-known Norwegian digital marketing agency Oslo SEO and a team of top marketing experts from the USA, UK, and EU.

We are the top-performing digital marketing agency in Europe in 2019, according to Clutch.

In the portfolio of our agency, as of April 2020, there are 48 clients from 27 countries. In 2019, our clients' websites ranked in TOP-3 with more than 9'400 keywords with keyword difficulty over 60 around the world, from Japan to Monaco and the USA. The personal record of the agency is increasing 71% of search traffic to 17K daily visitors in 1 month for a client from Turkey.

Along with regular local or international business, our digital marketing agency leads successful projects in such highly competitive niches as online casinos, pharmaceuticals, airline tickets, hotels, and many others. TRUSTCORP uses the latest developments in data analytics and competitor analysis to achieve the highest and most ambitious goals of our clients.

Our mission is to bring the client's business to a new level and make its position unattainable for competitors.

How do we achieve the goals in digital marketing?

Completing a questionnaire (brief) is a crucial step in client proposal preparation. In advertising, the "brief" is a file that contains detailed information about the client, target audience, goals and objectives of the upcoming advertising campaign, desired KPIs (key performance indicators) and much more needed to understand your business. We offer phone calls to save you time, and then our team will transcribe your answers.
Setting goals is a key factor in any successful digital marketing campaign. Clearly understanding the final result allows us to navigate the most correct and effective way from point A to point Z — the result you expect to reach with us. For SEO, it can be "top 3 in the USA for keywords X and Y", for PPC — "ROI above X%", for design — "increase brand loyalty by X%" and so on. Measure your goals in numbers and use exact definitions.
After we have figured out the details of your business and you have set your goals, we can evaluate the necessary efforts to achieve the result. We are a digital marketing agency, after all, not a team of wizards — we don't have magic wands (unless our CEO hides them from us). Therefore, we can't produce niche research in one day, a top 3 result in New York in one week or a website design in three days — offers like these are nothing but fraud. We value an honest approach and will never trade our principles for quick benefits. Still, our services are above average in the market, and we consider the axiom that "the only free cheese is in the mouse trap".
After figuring out your business and goals and approving the budget, we proceed to the analysis. There is no difference between SEO, design, PPC or website development; with a probability of 99.9%, someone already did this before you and got some result — got into the top Google in your niche, created an award-winning ice cream design, increased luxury brand awareness in Germany and so on. Therefore, it is important to study competitors' experience and results to avoid repeating their mistakes, learn their best practices, and get better results.
After knowing everything about your competitors, it's time to create an action plan — the key to the result. At this stage, we confirm the sequence of all actions and their specificity between points A, B, C and so on. We consider everything — from the market environment and your competitors' practices to your little wishes. We provide you with a "road map", which our team will follow to help you achieve your goals.
This is the key stage, which proves why we're different. We treat each project as if it were our only or last client that would determine our agency's future. We believe that one is just as cool as his or her last result. As of April 2020, we have restored our client reputation after a black PR attack: 250+ pages with negative tonality were removed from the Google index, and we now control all the top 100 websites in the search results for 28 brand-related keywords.
We deliver all services to customers on time and always meet the KPIs. We are able to do so because of our process: filling out the questionnaire, asking you to set clear goals, correctly estimating the time and budget, conducting a market analysis, developing a strategy, and adhering to it.
We are perfectionists. We believe that no matter how hard we try, the result could always be better. Therefore, after completing our work under the contract, we do a final brainstorming on what can be done even better and how. If the ideas are realistic, we will implement those ideas (though it is worth noting that this doesn't always happen, since it is unlikely that NASA will approve your banner on the Mars rover even though it is certainly a cool idea).
After completing the work, we prepare a report on everything we have done to achieve our result, from our acquaintance to the final edits. We are business people; we don't inflate reports with nonsense, as many competitors do, saying things like, "On Monday we got out of the chairs, on Tuesday we painted flip-chart, and on Wednesday we inserted paper into the printer". We report only facts and numbers.
USA. Vodka brand
EU. Web development
Norway. Increased CTR x4.88
Austria. 250+ negative pages deindexed from Google


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